Check and log – Project The moving figure

How well did you manage to create the sense of a fleeting moment rather than a pose?

I found it very difficult to capture the sense of a fleeting moment, occasionally managing to capture stance but not really much else. I will clearly need a lot more practice at this. When attempting to capture a fleeting moment I found myself mainly drawing without looking at the paper, apart from the initial glance to position the pen, and as time went on I found myself increasingly enjoying the freedom and fun of this approach. There was something quite addictive about trying for a few seconds to capture what you could see and then immediately moving on to the next drawing.

How successful were your attempts to retain an image and draw later?

I found that I could not manage this at all. I would think that I had the pose fixed in my mind and then completely lose it once I went to draw it. Even when it was immediately following what I had seen I still found it very difficult. Again, an area that will need a lot more practice.

Were you able to keep a few descriptive lines to suggest the person’s movement or were you tempted to keep introducing more elements into work?

I think that my problem was more that I never got beyond a few lines, these often involving too much of an outline. I found it difficult to make the lines I used really count, to manage to draw the essential ones only, the ones that would effectively suggest a person’s movement or action, cleanly and clearly, rather than using a bunch of lines that were searching to do that. More often than not I used too many lines where two or three would actually have done the job much better.

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