Exercise Sitting and waiting

Aim of the exercise: To take every opportunity to practice drawing people. We could use magazines, newspaper, TV etc as well as drawing groups of people from life eg sitting around a table, observing at a gallery etc. We were to aim to keep a fast pace with the sketching and to think about narrative.

What I experienced: I have had to have a break from the course for health reasons so I am trying now to get some of the exercises written up where I had managed to get some of the drawings done prior to having to take a complete break. So that is the reason for the difference in dates between the drawings and the write up for them. Hopefully this will also help me to ease back into the course as I have not been able to do any drawing for several months now.

I was nervous of drawing people in public so I started off with some drawings of reference photo’s on the laptop screen and of paused DVD’s, drawing these as rapidly as possible, and also attempting to copy some drawings by Rembrandt, Millais and Pissarro, trying to reproduce the type of marks that they had made in various media to help me to increase the range of marks that I use and how I use them.

sketch1_NEW sketch3_NEW sketch4_NEW sketch5_NEW sketch6_NEW sketch7_NEW sketch8_NEW




























I then moved on to attempting some rapid drawings of Maria from life, in various media, aiming to try and capture the moment.

maria_NEW sketch19_NEW sketch72_NEW sketch78_NEW sketch9_NEW sketch10_NEW





















The next attempts were drawn mostly in various coffee shops as it tended to give a somewhat captive audience. I did find it difficult though not to worry that somebody would object. All were drawn from life. I didn’t really realise until I tried this how much groups of people tend to move when sitting having coffee or talking.

sketch24_NEW sketch49_NEW sketch50_NEW sketch65_NEW sketch66_NEW sketch67_NEW sketch82_NEW sketch88_NEW concert_NEW coffeeshop_NEW




































What I feel went well: I enjoyed attempting the drawings and trying to capture what I could, as quickly as I could. I feel in some of them I have managed to capture the narrative, even if the drawing itself is not very good.

What I feel did not go well: I tended to be very hesitant in my approach and will need to try and become bolder. I still tend to concentrate too much on outline. I felt very tight and uncertain with the drawings on many occasions particularly while drawing members of the public. I am still finding it difficult to keep proportions accurate while drawing rapidly.

What I would like to do following this exercise: Practice drawing lots more people. Hopefully the more I draw, the more I will be able to get down the essentials of character, movement and life.

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2 Responses to Exercise Sitting and waiting

  1. This a very nice drawings, I can feel the moment and see people’s character. I wish I could draw as well when I am doing this exercise. Lara

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