Check and log – Project The clothed figure

Did you find it easy to approach the figure as a whole or were you distracted by details of the sitter’s dress?

I found that, particularly on areas with complicated folds, it was easy to start to concentrate too much on a particular fold and not relate it sufficiently to the whole. I was lucky that the dressing gown was plain and therefore there wasn’t a pattern to become distracted by.

How did you create volume in the folds of fabric?

By observing the fall of light and dark and the formation of the fold and what it overlay, how these elements were combined created volume in the folds of fabric.

Does the finished drawing give a sense of the figure beneath the fabric?

I think that overall it does, although some areas more successfully than others, the least successful being the area over the abdomen.

How would you tackle a drawing like this again?

I would aim to not lose sight of the interconnectedness of folds and fabric, to each other and to the form underneath. I would also try to remember to relate everything to the whole throughout the drawing and not zoom in too much on complicated areas. If I was doing the same drawing again I would omit/simplify some of the folds within the abdominal area, drawing the ones that help to suggest form and omitting any that were unhelpful in describing form and I will need to remember to do this for future drawings.

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