Check and log – Project Gesture

How well have you managed to capture the poses? What could be improved?

I think that I captured the poses reasonably well. Though these were quick poses and I was trying to capture the stance/energy/movement quickly over the two exercises I can see, when I look back at the drawings that I have relied on line too much, and often, with the line, too much of an outline. This is something that my tutor picked up on in her report for assignment 3 (which I received a few days after completing these exercises) and is something that I will need to work on.

Do you think that your figures balanced? If not where did you go wrong?

On the whole, I think that the figures do look balanced.  I do feel that I need a better understanding of the central axis and what happens as weight is distributed to different joints in different postures. A better understanding of this will enable me to capture stance better.

How did you go about conveying a sense of energy?

Before drawing each pose I did the movement myself at the same time as my model to get a feel for it and then air-drew above the paper to get my arm movements loose and flowing and in sync with my model as she moved. Initially I was still trying too much to capture the pose rather than the energy of it, but particularly in the later drawings, I think that as I relaxed more my marks became much more flowing this helped me to try and capture the energy more than the pose. The drawings that have directional marks showing the movement of the limbs and lighter marks showing the previous positions of limbs as they move have conveyed the sense of movement more strongly and more successfully.

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