Exercise Energy

Aim of the exercise: To ask our model to adopt a dynamic pose and to hold it for about 5 minutes. We were then to quickly sketch the figure trying to convey the sense of energy each pose creates. We were not to worry about details, instead concentrating on the sense of movement in the figure.

What I experienced:

Completed 11/10/13. Maria kindly agreed to model for me again. She did, however, find holding a dynamic pose uncomfortable and was clearly not enjoying the experience, so we had a bit of a think as what we could do. In the end we settled on playing some music and I tried to draw her while she was dancing. We did try freezing some of the movements but she still found that uncomfortable so I just carried on drawing her while she was moving.

I tried various media, using charcoal, conté crayon, felt tip, and 4B graphite pencil on mostly A3 paper, with some drawings on A2 paper. In the book, Drawing Projects an exploration of the language of drawing by Mick Maslen and Jack Southern, one of the projects uses two pencils taped together and for a couple of the drawings I tried two felt-tips taped together which gave quite an interesting effect. I found it very difficult to try and capture the figure while it was moving and I will need a lot more practice at this. I will also need more practice at proportions as I also found this more difficult on a moving figure.

dancecontegest_NEW dancegest_NEW


pencilgesture_NEW movingdance_NEW

After a break Maria came back and carried on, but this time she was wearing a dress that had quite a full skirt. It was interesting to try and capture the movement of it as she danced.

gesturecharcoal_NEW dancinggesture_NEW

contegesture_NEW twopengesture_NEW_0001

It was interesting to attempt this but I will need a lot more practice at trying to capture gesture, energy and movement. It is somewhat beyond me at the moment but it was fun to try.

What I feel went well: It was fun to try this and I think that some of the attempts do capture a sense of movement to a certain extent. I think that I improved a little as I loosened up. I think that the softer media captured movement better on the whole, particularly charcoal and conté crayon. I enjoyed trying the two pens taped together and feel that it gives an interesting effect, that almost visually vibrates, and I will return to this at a future date.

What I feel did not go well: I was concentrating so hard on trying to capture what I was observing that I did not think enough about varying my line, and will need to try and do this another time. I think in some of the poses I have captured a certain amount of movement, I am not so sure that I have managed to capture the energy of the pose. This hopefully will come with more practice. I found it very difficult to keep the correct proportions while drawing fast and with the figure moving. The drawings are very sketchy with a lot of inaccuracies.

What I would like to do following this exercise: I will need to continue to work on understanding proportions better. I also need to work on understanding the proportions of the head better as well, and how these change as the head tips forwards or backwards. I need a much better understanding of what is going on beneath the skin and how that is affected by the movement and position of limbs, torso, head etc, and the next research point should help me with this as it is on anatomy. I will need to work on increasing the amount that I draw people, as the more that I can manage to do, the more I can put theory into practice and the more, hopefully, my skills will improve. I will continue to work on gaining a better understanding of capturing gesture and it will be interesting to then try and return to this exercise at a future date.

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