Exercise Stance

Aim of the exercise: We were to move around the model before we began to draw to get a sense of where the figure was in its allotted space and to indentify its centre of gravity and gesture. We were to mark the central axis in our sketches of the standing figure and, asking the model to change poses every 2 to 5 minutes, we were to draw as many quick poses as we could.

What I experienced:

Completed 06/10/13. All the drawings for this exercise are on A3 paper and drawn with a graphite pencil. It proved to be an interesting exercise. With the drawings I concentrated on trying to capture the stance and understanding better what I was seeing and therefore the lines are pretty basic as I felt my way around the figure. With most of the drawings I took 5 minutes to draw them, some being a little shorter in time. I was grateful for Maria, once again, agreeing to model for me.

The exercise helped me to see aspects of the figure that I may not really have noticed properly otherwise, particularly the tilt of the hips and pelvis, and shoulders, and how the tilt of one affected the tilt of the other. I found on some poses it was harder to work out the line of the central axis and I may not have got all of them right. Sometimes I had to check with Maria, as to which leg was taking the most weight, as in some poses I found it difficult to tell, but I did get better at recognising it as the exercise went on.

stance1_NEW stance2_NEW

stance3_NEW stance4_NEW

What I feel went well: The exercise helped me to really look at the stance of the figure and be much more aware as to what I was seeing, and to see the figure as a whole, and how the movement of one part affected the movement and stance of other parts. I feel that all of this then enabled me, overall, to then capture Maria’s stance in various poses reasonably successfully. The exercise also helped to increase my confidence in my ability to accurately record what I was seeing and I enjoyed giving the exercise my best shot.

What I do not feel went well: On the whole I am happy with how the exercise went and I feel that it gives me a good starting point with understanding stance better. I did find it difficult at times to recognise the angle of, for example the shoulders, and to visualise the positions of some of the joints which were hidden by Maria’s clothes. I feel that this will improve with more practice, and that an increased knowledge of the underlying anatomy and how that is affected by movement would help. My line is very basic and could have been more dynamic, although for this particular exercise I am not too worried about this, as I was concentrating more on being able to translate what I was seeing, stance wise, accurately. It will however be something to work on so that gradually I can do more at once when drawing figures, observe and have improved mark making at the same time, rather than one or the other.

What I would like to do following this exercise: I need to keep this exercise in mind when observing people, so that gradually it becomes second nature to notice the aspects covered so far. I will need to work on understanding how the underlying anatomy is affected by movement. For the next exercise I would like to be much more adventurous in the use of my line so that it becomes more energetic and much bolder and will work on this aspect in my practice exercises.

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