Check and log – Project Form

Were you able to maintain a focus on proportion at the same time as creating a sense of weight and three-dimensional form?

I found that it was easier to think of all three when I was drawing the figure. Once I started to use tone then creating a sense of weight and three dimensional form became uppermost in my mind, perhaps because by then I had already established the proportions as best I could in the time available. Though I blocked in the main shapes first I then refined those, trying to pay attention to proportion and foreshortening, by line and tone. I did find that on the whole, in the early stages of doing this, I used line more than tone, only moving over to using mostly tone once the initial drawing was in place. I did not feel confident enough to work in tone for the whole drawing, I needed the guidance of line to help me to establish the basic figure. I think, in that respect, that I may have missed the point of the second exercise in this project, which on re-reading was probably actually asking us to build the figure initially with tone, rather than drawing and then adding tone.  This will be something that I will need to work on in my sketchbook.

Which drawing gives the best sense of the pose and why?

I think that probably the last drawing, in the exercise essential elements, does. Perhaps, because I know how it came about. I think it captures, a little, the moment Maria leant forward to ask if that was the last pose, only to discover there was one more to go, and then kindly sat there like that so I could draw it. I did not manage to capture it very well but I think that the stance of the body in the drawing  suggests it.

Was there any movement or gesture away from the model’s central axis. If so, did you manage to identify this and put it into your drawing?

In both exercises there was a movement away from the model’s central axis, whether it was a twist in the body as it turned or more weight on one hip with a crossed leg etc. Though I could identify it, I found it harder to portray accurately in my drawings and this is an aspect that I will need to work on in my sketchbook to be able to show better.

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