Exercise The longer pose

Aim of the exercise: To draw a pose that the model was comfortable with and could hold for an hour, with breaks every 20 minutes or so. To use a unit of measurement and to keep checking the body measurements up, down and diagonally against this.

What I experienced:

Completed 29/09/13. Maria kindly agreed to model for me again and I decided to use charcoal for the drawing, with the aim to try and not be so hesitant as I was with yesterdays exercise. I had initially planned to use A3 paper, but a quick sketch showed that I would not be able to fit the feet in so I changed to A2.

I set the timer for an hour, only stopping it when my model wished to have a break and then restarting it once she was back in position. I did find that even with marking feet and arm positions, that the position was never quite the same on starting up again and that the drawing needed to be adjusted accordingly.

exercise longer pose_NEWJust over half of the time was taken with establishing the initial drawing where I tried to establish proportions and positions. I am still finding that the head is not a measurement that I find natural or easy to use. It is helpful to use it to check overall proportions but I found while drawing that I also used a mix of other things to help me draw the figure: I used a lot of vertical, horizontal and diagonal reference points to ensure that things lined up, I used negative and positive spaces, and checked the size of features against each other. One thing that really puzzled me was the width of Maria’s nearest thigh, it appeared to be too narrow, but on measuring I appeared to be drawing it accurately. It took a while to realise why and it appeared to be due to her thigh sinking into the sofa, with the other cushion then rising and partially obscuring that part of her leg as well. In the end, I drew as best I could what I could see, but I do think that it looks odd, and I think that I have probably drawn it incorrectly. The rest of the time was taken with adjusting the drawing where necessary and then trying to do some tonal shading to suggest form better. By the time the timer went off I found that I was feeling incredibly tired, despite having only drawn for an hour.

What I feel went well: That I ensured that I worked within the time limit and stopped once the timer went off. I enjoyed attempting the drawing. I am pleased that, even if somewhat clumsily done, that I have suggested tone. I also tried to think about line strength while drawing, although perhaps have been a little heavy handed with this, but I am pleased that I actually remembered, while drawing this time, to actively think about it.

What I do not feel went well: I think that I have got some of the proportions wrong. The nearby thigh, as already mentioned, looks very wrong. I have also not given the impression of the feet resting flat on the floor and I think that I have drawn the hands too small. My mark making still needs to become much more adventurous. I have not placed the figure well on the paper.

What I would like to do following this exercise: Work on all of the things discussed at the end of the previous post and then return and have another look at these drawings. At that point I will probably be able to spot better what is wrong and what steps I could take to improve on it.

I always find it a little hard to start each section, after the assignment drawing, and it has been good to get started with part 4 now. I feel that both this drawing, and the drawings for the previous exercise give me a good idea on where I am now and the work that I need to do to try and help me to improve, and hopefully loosen up a bit as well. I will work on some of these before attempting the next exercise.

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