Check and log – Project drawing trees

How many different tree types have you drawn?

I have drawn 9 different types of tree so far.

What techniques did you use to distinguish each type?

I tried to show overall shape, how the branches and foliage formed around the tree, any distinctive features for that species.

What did you do to convey the mass of foliage?

I tried to establish the main areas and then show these with various marks, depending on the media that I was using, the type of foliage, and the technique that I was using, for example the scribbled marks that I used when using a white gel pen, and the directional strokes with conté crayons.

How did you handle light on the trees? Was it successful? 

I consistently found it difficult to handle the light on trees so that they looked 3 dimensional. Many of my trees ended up looking decidedly flat, or too falsely separated into light and shade. This is an area that I will continue to work at.

Did you manage to select and simplify? Look at your drawings and make notes on how you did this, and what you could do better.

I found that on the quicker drawings I tended to simplify more, concentrating on the main features and areas of foliage. I found it more difficult to simplify on the drawings for the last two exercises while attempting to draw the foliage masses on the former and the amount of foliage on the later. Perhaps because I spent longer on these and for the former was attempting a more detailed drawing. I also found it more difficult in colour. I think to be able to select and simplify better I will need to keep it actively in mind as I draw more trees, and in time more practice with colour will also help me to do this. Continuing to look at how other artists have tackled this will also help.

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