Check and log – Project townscapes

Much of this has been covered in the individual posts so I will only write a condensed version here.

How did you use a limited colour palette to create a sense of depth?

I had a warm brown (sanguine) and a cooler brown (sepia dark) and used this to help me to create a sense of depth. I layered the warmer colour into the nearer shadow colour and then added black into the nearest shadows and forms to help to bring these further forward still. I also tried to use stronger marks and more detail as I came forward in the drawing, with much lighter marks used in the background.

Did your preliminary sketches give you enough information for your final pieces of work?

Only one of my sketches gave a reasonable amount of information. The others, though useful in establishing possible viewpoints and also tonal values, were too rough to successfully use for the limited palette study.

Would you approach this task differently another time?

I would make sure that my preliminary studies gave a lot more information. I made written notes on aspects such as atmosphere, texture, colours etc but I would have found it more helpful later to have had more visual notes e.g. colour swatches, proportions between aspects of the buildings, more sketches of textures. I will need to work on this aspect so that I gradually find a shorthand method that works for me, that then gives me enough visual information for a future date.

Have you got the scale of the buildings right? Make notes on what worked and what didn’t.

I have got the scale of aspects of the buildings wrong fairly repeatedly, such as windows, porches, roof sizes, sections of the church tower in relation to each other. I found measuring quite difficult. I used an outstretched pencil but found that I got quite lost when I tried to transfer those to the paper. I will need to work on transferring measurements as this is an aspect I have always struggled with. I therefore mainly drew by sight, comparing shapes and positions to each other. A combination of methods would work best.

Have you captured the colour and atmosphere in your studies? How did you do this?

I didn’t capture colour (apart from tonal differences) in the thumbnails and initial drawings, as I used monochrome media for these, only using colour for the final drawings. It would have been helpful to test out colour combinations in thumbnails and would be worth doing for another time. I think that I struggled somewhat to capture colour and atmosphere but enjoyed attempting it. It is the first time that I have really tried to create atmosphere in colour in landscape drawing. Using the tinted charcoal meant that I tried to interpret what  I was seeing rather than a straight forward depiction. Lots of fun to explore in this area.

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