Check and log – project landscape drawing

In what way did you simplify and select in your study? Were you able to focus on simple shapes and patterns amid all the visual information available to you?

I found that using the viewfinder helped a lot to cut down the amount of visual information in the scene and helped me to choose the area that I wished to draw. I then tried to pick out the most important aspects and shapes that helped to suggest the elements that I was attempting to draw. I tried to look for simple shapes and patterns and to then draw these. Sometimes I fell back to trying to draw a tree or a bush for example and became very tight with my drawing rather than trying to draw the overall shape. I also found it very helpful to look for the negative shapes and to use these to help me to draw more accurately.

How did you create a sense of distance and form in your sketches?

I tried to constantly keep in mind the three areas of foreground, middle ground and background. I also made objects progressively smaller as they went further back and tried to use aerial perspective by ensuring that objects in the background were paler and less detailed and that they became progressively darker and more detailed as they came forward.

How did you use light and shade? Was it successful?

I tried to show how the light was falling on bushes/trees etc but I did find it quite difficult to record this correctly. I also completely forgot to record any cloud shadows as they passed over the land. The foreground grasses were mainly very light tonally and I found it difficult to know how best to record light and shade in this area.

What additional preliminary work would have been helpful towards the larger study?

It would have been helpful if I had tested out composition ideas in thumbnail form e.g. sky to land ratio, what adding in more verticals would look like etc. It would also have been helpful if I had tested out ideas on how best to use the media, that I chose, to portray the landscape.

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