Sketches from small square book during part two of the course

These are uploaded for my tutor so that she can see what I have been doing in my sketch books during part two. Any that I do between now and completing the assignment I will add in here. I have continued to try and do a sketch a day during part two of the course. These are the ones from my small square sketch book, I use one of three sizes for the daily sketches and I will upload from the other sketch books in a separate post.  I had to take a break from the course from about mid November and am only now being able to get back to attempting some sketching, prior to attempting my second assignment. A lot of these sketches are pretty dire but my tutor needs to be able to see my strengths and weaknesses so they are all here, warts and all, across the two posts.I feel that I have not done very well with the sketch books for this part of the course, either with standard of drawing or imaginative use of media and will need to work on improving that during the next section. I have however enjoyed doing them.














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2 Responses to Sketches from small square book during part two of the course

  1. Mags Phelan says:

    What a huge amount of work! Chris, I must apologise for spamming your inbox with so many comments on the drawings in this post – it seemed easier to comment on individual pictures. Really impressed with you drawing every day. I really could benefit from doing so. This is very inspiring. I hope you are well. Missed seeing you in blogland. Keep up the great work!

    • christedder says:

      Hello Mags,
      Thank you very much for all of your comments on the individual drawings, I really appreciate it the time and effort that you took to go through those. Definitely above the call of duty 🙂 I’m okay thank you, it is just taking me a while to find my feet again. Thanks very much again, Chris

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