Check and log, Project Still life

What aspects of each drawing have been successful, and what did you have problems with?

With the line drawing I think that it worked quite well as a line drawing in showing the forms but I also think that it would have benefited from more description of the textures, it mainly ended up an outline drawing in many ways and that is something that I would need to be careful of in future.

Figure 1
Cauliflower line drawing

I found the cauliflower extremely difficult to draw and having tried again with that in my sketch book, A4 sketch book p.74 (please see figure 1) and still struggled to capture the shape well I am clearly going to need to work on my observational skills and then try drawing one again. I think that the study drawing has more life to it than the final drawing. At the moment I can’t manage to get speed and accuracy combined. If I draw fast there is a definite and large drop off in accuracy, but the drawings do tend to have more life to them. Hopefully as I progress through the course I will steadily be able to improve on my observational skills so that I can record what I see more rapidly and in a more lively manner. I also need to learn what to put in and what to leave out. I still find myself trying too often to record everything. The composition side of things was a complete disaster as already discussed in my post for the exercise.

With the tonal drawing I was pleased with how the three colours for the dark, light and mid tones worked together and sketching in each of the tonal groups really helped me to work over the whole drawing at the same time, something that I can forget to do if I get caught up with drawing a particular item. I tried to work quite fast so that the drawing did not become too stiff and I think that I have been reasonably successful. I am not sure though if my marks are too rough, it comes down I guess to the balance between speed and energy versus accuracy and detail. The composition in the drawing was not very successful as already discussed in my post for the exercise.

Did you manage to get a sense of depth in your drawings? What elements of the drawings and still life groupings helped to create that sense?

I think that both drawings have a sense of depth to them. Overlapping elements helped to create a sense of depth as did having a path for the eye to follow with elements that helped to lead the eye into and round the composition. Increased detail and stronger line/colour for the objects forward in the composition in comparison to those further back helped as well.

What difficulties were created by being restricted to line or tone?

It was important in the line drawing to try and pick those lines that defined the essence of the object, its form, its texture and its sense of being solid and 3D. An incorrect line was not only going to stick out like a sore thumb it was also going to reduce the illusion of solidity and form as tone was not available to help.

I found that the tonal drawing was lacking some definition at the end, although to some extent that was due to my blue not being quite a dark enough tone. At the end of the drawing I used a little white and black, white for highlights and black for definition. It is only as I write this that I realise that what I essentially did was add some lines to the tonal drawing to sharpen it up. Something that, as it was a tonal drawing, I should not actually have done, or added extra colours at the end, yet I didn’t even think of it at the time. Ooops, I completely forgot the brief at that point. Something else to be careful of in the future.

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