Check and log Project Exploring coloured media

Out of the media that I experimented with for this project I think that I found the soft pastels to be the most expressive. They seemed to lend themselves to multiple possible ways of using them and as they were so soft they appeared to discourage a tight, detailed approach.

Inks with a dip pen would give good control for very detailed work as would fine liner ink pens. The Derwent Artists pencils appeared to have quite hard leads and I was able to get very fine lines with these and these, and indeed any of the coloured pencils, would enable detailed images to be obtained and all would be good for hatching. The coloursoft pencils would, perhaps out of the coloured pencils, give a softer appearance to the finished drawing as the pencils tend to be so soft that hard fine lines tend to have a slightly fuzzy look to them.

I think that I have covered the other aspects of the check and log in the entry for the exercise Exploring coloured media.

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