Check against assessment criteria points, Assignment 1

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills: materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills

I think that both of my drawings demonstrate a reasonable use of materials, techniques and observational skills. I think that they highlight that my visual awareness, design and compositional skills are not particularly good at present and that I really struggle in these areas with my ability often being in the clumsy and ineffective range. Up until now I have mainly concentrated on actually drawing whatever I am attempting, design and compositional skills have tended to sometimes be an after thought and I will need to work on that. Though I tried to use both design and compositional skills for the assignment pieces I did feel out of my depth and do feel that my attempts are very clumsy. I tried to keep in mind placement, negative space and positive shapes, tonal mix, how my eye was led round the drawing for example but found it difficult to balance all of them. I am hoping that the more art work and artists I study and information that I research that this area will improve.

Quality of Outcome:content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas

I think that the drawings are of reasonable quality in so far that they record the objects and I have tried to apply the knowledge that I have acquired so far in the course but otherwise I think that I am lacking in all other areas of this section. I often struggle to draw the objects accurately, taking a long time to produce an accurate representation of whatever I am drawing, I also struggle to use my knowledge to portray tone, to design, to discern how I can improve ideas, trouble with coming up with the ideas in the first place and knowing what I am trying to communicate. I tend to be very literal at present. I try to draw whatever I am drawing to make it look like what I am drawing, interpretation is often quite poor. I can easily lose sight of what my focal point is, what am I trying to communicate, why am I drawing what I am drawing (rather than because I couldn’t think of anything else). The natural forms drawing did have an idea behind – I wanted to try a drawing that reflected a beach combing experience. The made object drawing was more trying to work out what I could put on a frottaged table and if I am honest, something that I might be able to manage to draw multiple times. Both drawings demonstrate that on the whole I have so much to learn before I will begin to meet any of these criteria.

Demonstration of Creativity: imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice

I think that it is safe to say that on the whole I haven’t fullfilled these criteria apart from at a very basic level. I did try experimentation with the frottage and tried to be inventive with my marks to represent the various objects but only at a very basic level. I used imagination to set up the still lifes but again only in a very limited way. I don’t think that I have developed a personal voice, my work is still too literal for that at the moment.

Context: reflection, research, critical thinking (learning log)

I have been looking at an interesting forum discussion on the OCA student site about learning logs and it has helped me to realise that on the whole I probably record too much what I have done for the exercises or in this case assignment. I think that I do reflect on what I have done in exercises etc and try and reflect on what I have learnt and what I need to work on to improve. Though I am looking at lots of books and sites on the internet I am not recording them or reflecting in writing on what I have learnt from them enough. My research into other artists is quite simply not good enough at present. I look at a lot of work by other artists but do not really know on how to comment on it, or know how to approach it with critical thinking. It is a skill that I have never acquired and I will need to work on that.  I have therefore tended to concentrate on ‘how to skills’ rather than investigating in depth, apart from the ones done for the course, other artists. I do try and reflect on what I have learnt from exercises etc but feel that I could do this more effectively. I spend a lot of time writing the blog and it has been interesting trying to keep it but in many ways I feel that I might be better moving over to a paper log. I am already needing to run a paper log as well as the blog as quite a few things cannot go on the blog either because of copyright or won’t scan etc and I combine these with the the hard copy of the blog. I think that this section is one to look at and assess how to tackle it for the next section of the course. I also want to try and get to see more exhibitions as it is always fascinating to see art work in the flesh.

I find it quite sobering that I seem to have fullfilled the assessment criteria so badly but hopefully I can work on trying to improve on that as I start the next section and start to work towards the next assignment.

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