Check and log, Assignment 1

Did you do enough preliminary work before starting work on your final pieces?

I feel that I spent too much time worrying about what I was going to do and too much time trying to come up with an idea before I put pencil to paper. Once I started drawing sketches to check ideas out I found that I could then make progress. I do not think that I did enough actual drawing before starting on the final piece, I could have explored a wider range of medias and ideas. A serious lack of confidence in my ability to draw the objects multiple times and the time that it takes me to draw, the difficulty with using an A2 drawing board all contributed to increasing my level of procrastination to mega proportions. This will be something to work on in future assignments. Despite feeling totally unable to have the ability to produce the drawings, I have and though they may not be as good as I would like, they have hopefully helped me to progress and develop and I have to keep in mind that that is what it is all about. Trying produces a drawing that I can then learn from whereas just thinking or worrying about it most certainly does not.

Do your large drawings give an accurate interpretation of the still life groups? If not, what went wrong?

I think that the large drawings do give an accurate interpretation on the whole in shape and texture but that the interpretation of tone could have been much better.

Did you make a good selection of objects or did you try to include too much? Would you change the arrangements of objects if you were to start again?

I think that for both drawings I chose too many objects and was trying to fill the paper up with them. Instead I feel it would have been better to have chosen to draw fewer objects but to have drawn them larger so that I could have experimented more with showing texture. On the natural still life I should either have grouped objects together more or drawn more objects to link the groups more. With the made objects I like the sense of space but think that I could have done a tighter grouping and perhaps the colour drawing had the right idea of not having a very large difference in height between some of the objects.

Do your drawings fit well on the paper or could they be improved by working on a larger sheet of paper?

At this stage I do not think that I could have worked on a larger sheet of paper as I found A2 size incrediably difficult to work with. I also do not think that they would have fitted any better onto a larger sheet of paper.

Did you have problems with drawing or find hatching too difficult?

I found both drawings difficult to do but then with most of my drawings it is the first time that I have drawn those kind of objects. Though I have drawn a couple of shells in the past it has only been a couple and I have never drawn bread or rolls. I am also used to drawing on a small scale so it feels a very steep learning curve at present to be drawing much larger. I found difficulty with portraying a good range of tones and will need a lot more work on this. I also need to become much more inventive and free with my drawings. I didn’t use a lot of hatching in the drawings apart from the background for the natural still life. It is another area that I still find quite difficult.

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