Check and log. Project Using texture

Have you discovered any new ways of using your drawing tools to depict surface and texture?

I enjoyed the exercise experimenting with texture and it gave me a chance to try out various ways of showing texture. Trying to show textures in various media highlighted some of the range of marks that are available to me to use. It bought home the importance of not just drawing an object but trying to put down what it feels like, how the texture affects how I see the object and the need to record those effects. I don’t think that I necessarily discovered new ways of using my drawing tools as I am not very inventive at present, but I did discover just how versatile media can be for portraying surface and texture. When I used graphite pencils for my texture drawing, one tool was able to show many different textures by using it in many different ways. I really enjoyed trying out the various marks and for me that is a new way of using of using my drawing tool, I haven’t used such a range of marks in a pencil drawing before.

How successful were you at implying form with little or no tonal hatching?

I feel that I was reasonably successful at implying form without using tonal hatching. In fact I think that I was more successful than I have been when I have used tonal hatching as tonal hatching is an area that I still need more work on.

What are your impressions of frottage as a drawing technique?

I enjoyed experimenting with frottage. The drawing that I did was quite clumsy but great fun. Looking at the examples of Max Ernst and other artists showed the superb results that are possible using this technique. Imagination and inventiveness would appear to play an important part in utilising frottage well and I will need a lot more practise as I lack both to a large extent at present. It will be an interesting technique to revisit.

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