Check and log Project Enlarging an image

How successful were you in copying the lines from the smaller squares to the larger squares?

I think that I was successful in copying the lines from the smaller squares to the larger squares. Particularly for the first exercise, which required straight lines and smooth ellipses, I found it quite difficult at first to judge exactly where on the larger squares the lines came from the position on the smaller squares. I found that this improved as I got more used to using this system and the second exercise appeared to go much smoother and quicker than the first.

Are you satisfied with your replica of the image? What would you do differently another time?

Particularly with the mug in the first exercise, enlarging the image highlighted any inaccuracies in my initial thumbnail. I would need to ensure that I drew my thumbnail sketch more accurately next time. I found on the second exercise that I was more relaxed and as well as looking at the individual squares I also looked at the whole image and checked proportions etc as I would a normal drawing and this helped to register where I needed to go on the larger squares and also helped to make it feel not quite such a mechanical method to use. I would do this again if I was using this system.

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