Exercise Enlarging a simple flat image

I completed this exercise on 28/06/12. The instructions were similar to the previous exercise except this time we were to draw a group of three or four objects.

I chose a group of soft toys and drew a thumbnail sketch over which I then drew a grid of 1cm squares, A5 sketch book p.29 (please see figure 1).

Figure 1
Thumbnail drawing for Exercise Enlarging a simple flat image

I drew a grid of 4cm squares onto a sheet of A2 paper and then transferred the sketch square by square. (Please see figure 2). I found that this sketch was actually easier to transfer than the previous exercise. I think that this was down to two things. Firstly I had already had the practise of doing the previous exercise and second I wasn’t trying to draw very straight lines or exact ellipses, as I had been in the previous exercise. It still seemed quite mechanical but I enjoyed transferring this image more and I could begin to see the potential of using this system. I did find drawing the grids very time consuming though.

Figure 2
Enlarged drawing for Exercise Enlarging a simple flat image

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