Exercise Enlarging an existing drawing

I completed this exercise on 28/06/12. It was a straightforward exercise. We were to draw a thumbnail sketch of a simple object and I drew a mug, A5 sketch book p.29 (please see figure 1).

Figure 1
Thumbnail drawing for Exercise Enlarging an existing drawing

We were then to draw a grid of squares over the drawing and a larger grid on a larger sheet of cartridge paper. I drew 1cm squares over my drawing and then 5cm squares on an A2 sheet of paper and then transferred the drawing square by square. The main difficulty I found was transferring the ellipses and it took a little while before I got my eye in for gauging where in the larger squares the curve came and relating the position on the smaller squares to the larger. One thing that I did find was that it clearly highlighted any error in the smaller drawing once it was enlarged. (Please see figure 2).

Figure 2
Enlarged drawing. Exercise Enlarging an existing drawing

I successfully ended up with a larger image but it felt a rather mechanical way to draw. It might perhaps be a little more interesting in the next exercise when a group of objects is enlarged.

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