Check and log Project Still life

Do you think it is easier to suggest three dimensions on man-made or natural objects? Try to explain your answer.

I think that it depends on what the object is. I find it difficult to suggest three dimensions on rounded objects whether they are man-made or natural, perhaps because there are no definite planes and unless I get my shading/hatching etc correct I can flatten the object rather than make it look round. On the whole I think that probably it is easier to suggest three dimensions on man-made as these objects tend to have very specific planes and angles which therefore can make it easier to work out light and shade.

How did you create a sense of solidity in your composition?

I tried to show the form of the objects through shape, tone, light, shade and shadow shape. I also overlapped objects to help increase a sense of depth. I think that all these aspects help to create a sense of solidity.

Do you think changing the arrangement of your composition makes a difference to your approach and the way you create a sense of form?

I found that by changing the arrangement of the composition I ended up with an arrangement that I feel was a stronger composition than my first arrangement. I think that trying various versions helped to stimulate ideas and gave me a better understanding of the setup. Drawing it from multiple arrangements helped to make me familiar with the items and also helped me to become more confident in my ability to draw them. It gave a chance to tackle tone and composition issues before tackling the drawing. It also enabled me to see where more depth, more variety of tone, or a better view was required to better create a sense of form. Trying out various ways of lighting the setup also helped to see which lighting arrangements showed the form of the objects best.

How did you decide how to position yourself in relation to the objects?

Because of space constraints in the area I work I have limited ability to move very far around a setup so I have tended to work mainly from a forward, straight in front view. For the fourth thumbnail sketch I squeezed myself into a tiny space so I could see the set up from the side. This showed just how different it can then appear. I would not have been able to do a large drawing in that position as I couldn’t even move my elbow out, there was so little room. A solution I have come up with, though, is to put the setup on a board on the table and I can then change the angle of the board to me to enable different viewpoints. For this drawing, though, I decided that I preferred the front on view and therefore chose to draw that.

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