Check and log Project Basic shapes and fundamental form

Are the objects in your drawings the correct size and shape in relation to each other?

I think that on the whole the objects are of the correct size and shape but I do find that I have to do quite a lot of adjusting and seldom get the shape right first time. Hopefully as I get better at always checking relationships between objects and negative spaces this will help me to improve my accuracy.

Do the shapes between the objects look correct?

I do find myself checking for the shapes between objects throughout when drawing and it is  often the shape between objects that helps me to realise where I am going wrong so I think that they look reasonably correct, but there is still loads of room for improvement with this.

Do your objects look solid?

I think that the objects I have drawn do look solid.

Have you managed to create a feeling of depth in your drawings?

I think that I have managed to create a feeling of depth but again this is an aspect that I have plenty of room for improvement.


During these exercises I have found that I spend too much time worrying about how they will turn out. I find myself putting a lot of pressure on myself because I want to do the best I can and I want to be able to get to a standard that I can put my work in for assessment. That is all well and good but perhaps I am forgetting that the whole point is to learn, to do as much as I can, to try anything. Fear of failure means that I can find myself quite paralysed at times, instead of joyfully embracing the challenge. I need to remember that it is only by trying and making mistakes that I will learn. Fear of failure will make any attempt to take a risk difficult and so perhaps, for me, that is the biggest aspect that I need to try and work on in forthcoming exercises. Fear of failure stifles and cripples growth and I need to try and concentrate on the growing as an artist rather than the fear of failure.

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