Check and log – Project Making Marks

23/05/12 I have already covered some of the things asked in the check and log questions under the entries for the various headings so I am going to concentrate on the last 3 questions.

Did you find that any marks or tools that you used matched particular emotions or feelings? Did one convey calm and another frenzy for example?

It was interesting to find that when I held the biro in my fist and then scribbled with it I seemed to make angrier marks and press harder. I found myself jerking the biro and stabbing dots down. This was in complete contrast to how I felt when I held the biro normally, when I just thoroughly enjoyed scribbling away with it and felt happy and relaxed.

Visually, jagged, sharply zig-zagged and very angular lines seemed to more suggest anger and tension than curved and swirled lines. It is fascinating that mood can be suggested by marks on the paper.

A media such as charcoal that could be thought of as soft and gentle in some of the marks it is possible to make with it, it could also be looked on as dark and forbiding when black covers much of the paper. It all depends on the intention of the artist to suggest a particular mood and also on individual interpretation. All smudged images can appear bland, interspersed with lively lines can make it dance.

There is so much to learn. So many possibilities.

How did the introduction of colour (soft pastels, conte crayons) affect your mark making?

It added a whole new dimension. When combining colours I needed to think which colours went with each other, did they clash, did they compliment. It was really interesting to see the visual effects of placing colours next to each other, of alternating lines of colour with them, of crossing lines with them, and the effects that all these things had on my perception of the colours themselves. I found it easy though to concentrate so much on the colour that I was not very inventive with my marks. Something to watch.

Which of these experiments have you found most interesting and rewarding?

I have found everything that I have done so far has been very helpful in making me more aware. I think that I had the most fun with using the biro and also using the stick as drawing tools. Both were tools I do not normally use to draw with and were great fun to play with and they seemed to enable me to relax, experiment and just let what ever happened happen. I loved discovering so many marks that I can make with so many tools and trying out so many media. I do find inventiveness difficult and really enjoyed trying to stretch myself with this. I didn’t do great, but perhaps I was a little more inventive than I would have thought I might be, so it is a little step forward.


The challenge now will be to try and put as much as possible of what I have discovered into my drawings. If I can manage to turn the hyper critical voice off in my head and just give it a go then who knows where, in time, this journey will lead me. It is certainly going to be fun to find out. Because of being so unsure of my abilities procrastination can be a real problem with me sometimes spending more time worrying than doing. Well these experiments very much encouraged to do, to explore, to try, to not be obsessed about success or failure but to be fascinated by what happens if I do this, try that, do the other. That is what I want to try and take with me as I go into the next project. That and remember that there are so many ways to make and use a line or a mark.


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